Who was the strongest?

Who was the strongest?


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Tale from Russia.

One day the sun and the wind started arguing about which of them was the strongest. They couldn't agree, so they decided to challenge each other to a little competition.

"Do you see the man down there?" said the wind to the sun. "Let's see who can rip off his coat the fastest."
The sun agreed. "Begin," said the sun to the wind.

The wind caught his breath and sent such a strong gust at the man that his coat almost flew off him instantly. Encouraged by this, the wind continued to blow its icy breath. But the man held on to his clothes and the harder the wind blew, the more he wrapped the clothes around his body.

Finally the wind got tired and had to rest. "Now it's my turn!" said the sun, fermenting as much as he could. The warm rays of the sun shone down on the landscape where the man walked and soon he began to sweat. It got hotter and hotter. Finally, it was so hot that the man couldn't stand it anymore, but took off his coat and hung it on his arm.

Thus the sun had shown that he was strongest, but perhaps not in the way that the wind expected!

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