Snow White and Rose Red

Snow White and Rose Red


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Once upon a time, long ago, there were two girls named Snow White and Rose Red.

One evening when they were sitting in front of the fireplace, a frozen bear knocked on the cabin and asked to sit by the fire for a while. He got that. The bear and the girls soon became good friends.

When night came, the mother said:

- You are welcome to lie here by the fire overnight.

The bear did, but in the morning he wandered off into the forest and was gone all day. In the evening he came and knocked on the door.

All winter long, the bear came and stayed in the cabin overnight, but disappeared when dawn broke.

When spring came, the bear said one day:

- Now I can't come anymore for a while. I must guard my treasures from the naughty dwarves, who emerge from their burrows in the ground, when it is no longer frozen.

One day the girls were out in the garden picking flowers. As it was, they heard a very loud noise from a cabin at the edge of the forest. They walked up to the cabin and saw a dwarf with his beard stuck in a log.

- Don't stand there and stare, but help me, said the dwarf angrily.

- Don't be so impatient, said Snow White, and then she took a pair of scissors from the table and cut off the dwarf's beard so that he came loose.

But the dwarf was not at all grateful, but scolded that Snow White had ruined his fine beard.

After a while Snow White and Rose Red were out in the meadow.
Then they heard a terrible hissing down from the stream.

They hurried there and caught sight of the dwarf, who had now once again had a bad time. He had snuck his beard into a rope and couldn't get free.

- Don't stand there and stare, but help me, shouted the dwarf.

Rosenröd took out her scissors and cut off a piece of the beard that was left. But the dwarf was not grateful and scolded her terribly.

After a while, the girls were out in the pasture again and heard a terrible life.

- Please Mr. Bear, spare me, they heard the dwarf's voice.

And when they arrived, they saw their friend the bear, chasing the fleeing dwarf. Snow White and Rose Red also got scared and wanted to run but the bear called out:

- Snow White and Rose Red, wait for me. Soon you will come to our play area. There are ferris wheels, bouncy castles, a mini track, a cable car, a pedal carousel and dressage carriages on rails. The Ferris wheel provides exercise for mother and father and fun for the little ones.

Suddenly the bear fur disappeared and in front of the girls stood a handsome prince.

- It was the dwarf who had bewitched me, said the prince.

And Snow White married the prince and Rose Red married his brother and they lived happily ever after.

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