Old Tim is dead


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Ghost story from England.

The gravedigger's wife was sitting by the fire knitting and their cat was sleeping at her feet.

Her hubby came home from a long day's work looking cut.

"What's with you?" asked the wife. "You are very pale." "Well, I'll tell you that," replied the gravedigger. "I thought I was done for the day. It was getting dark and I could hardly see where I was digging anymore. Just as I was about to turn home I saw eight black cats carrying a small coffin and in front of them walked another black cat. Then they stopped and the cat that was walking in front of the coffin came up to me. Yes, he crawled so close that we were nose to nose with each other and then he spoke to me!"
"What are you saying!" exclaimed the wife. "Did the cat speak?? What did he say??"
"Well, it's even stranger, because I don't know who he was talking about. But he said this: Tell Tom that old Tim is dead!"

Suddenly the black cat at the wife's feet woke up. He fermented and became at least three times as big as before. His eyes glowed like burning coals and he let out a blood-curdling laugh.

"What are you saying?" screamed the cat. "Is old Tim dead?? Then I'm the king of the cats!!" Then the cat disappeared like black lightning up the chimney and disappeared, never to be seen again.

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