Meeting with death

Meeting with death


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Ghost story from the Middle East.

A man was sitting with his wife in an inn in Damascus. They enjoyed a good dinner and did not have a worry on their minds. Suddenly the man saw someone standing and looking at him across the room. It was none other than death. The man was filled with horror and shouted: “This cannot be right! It can't be my time to die yet!!”

So he left his wife at the inn, mounted his horse, and drove the animal furiously across the desert until he reached Samara. When he finally arrived, both he and the horse were tired and very thirsty. He went to a well in the city, but suddenly found himself face to face with death again.

"I don't think it's true!" the man exclaimed. "I saw you in Damascus and fled!"
Death put his bony hand on the man's shoulder and said: "I was also surprised when I saw you in Damascus, for my meeting with you was fixed here, at the well in Samara."

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