Birth of the Jersey Devil


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Ghost story from New Jersey, USA.

The thunder went and the hail fell that stormy night in 1735, when Mother Leeds lay in bed to give birth to her seventh child. The cramped cabin in the bleak coniferous forest area of the Pina Barrens was full of neighboring women who were there to help with the birth. But it was a severe torment for Mother Leeds. She had given birth to six children a year apart and now her body was beginning to wear out. No matter how much she squirmed and struggled, the baby wouldn't come out. "I give my kid to the devil, if only it comes out now!" Mother Leeds suddenly shouted. And behold, the child immediately came out.

At first everything seemed normal. The child was a boy, who seemed perfectly healthy in every way. But suddenly the little boy began to change as he lay in the midwife's arms. His skin turned black and looked burnt. The feet turned into hooves and a long tail grew out. His head became like that of a wild animal and wings crawled out of his back. The barking and kicking wonder tore itself loose and advanced like a crazed wolf in the cabin, clawing, biting and slashing at everyone there. Finally the monster appeared in the chimney and disappeared.

But that was not the last time one saw or heard of the Jersey Devil, as the creature came to be known. The beast is still seen, almost every year, in the Pine Barrens. Of course you can visit the forest if you want, but leave it before dark if you hold on to your life.

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